If you want to influence every licensed physician and DO in the Tampa Bay region, scrip magazine is the vehicle to deliver your message.

A dynamic travel and lifestyle magazine delivered free of charge to the affluent licensed medical professional, scrip is an entertaining, informative and read-on-receipt publication that, unlike other media including newspapers, city magazines, radio and television, ensures no waste circulation. None.

Our Readers

Male 71%

Female 29%


35-44 (35%) 45-54 (36%) 55-64 (29%)

Median Net Income $225,500

Mean Net Worth $1,715.970

Purchasing Power

44% own/lease +/- three automobiles

46% own/lease a luxury vehicle

63% own/lease a SUV

Mean value of stock +/- $275,000 with 39% +/- $500,000

96% have traveled in the last 12 months

68% spend +/- $2900 per trip

61% own investment property

57% paid a financial advisor in the last year

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